First Impressions when Selling your Home

You know the old saying:  “One never gets a second chance to make a first impression.”  This is a very accurate rule when selling your home.  I’m sure you have read all the obvious recommendations, or perhaps have seen them on one of the “fixer upper” TV shows that are so popular now.  Have your yard mowed, your shrubs trimmed, no clutter in the yard or in your home, maybe repaint your front door, keep your home spotlessly clean, remove most personal photos, bake cookies just prior to showings.  All these suggestions do help make your home more attractive, but remember, when a prospective buyer comes into your home for a showing, this is not their first impression.  Their first impression was when they saw your home on the internet from their home computer, or even their cellphone.  Or maybe their first impression was sitting in their agent’s office looking at homes on a computer monitor.  So, actually, the first impressions of your home by a prospective buyer is the pictures your listing agent took of the home.  Is your listing agent a good photographer?  Did your listing agent hire a professional photographer?  Did your listing agent take drone photos of your home?  Take for example the picture shown above.  This is a beautiful log home in a gated community.  The landscape in front of this home is not flat.  It drops off rather quickly.  (Like many mountain homes facing the view.)  A photographer cannot get far enough away from the front of this home to take a picture.  Therefore, the drone photo above.  Not only does this photo show the front of the home, but also shows the surroundings, and the privacy this home affords.  A good question to ask a prospective real estate agent wanting to list your home is: “Who does your photography?”  Even better, find some current listings by this agent and see if you like the photography.

Here at Mountain Dreams Realty, we believe first impressions do matter.  That is why we have in-house professional photography, including drone photography.  We know you never have a second chance to make that first impression.