Haywood County Flood Relief

As many of you know, we had some terrible flash flooding in the Cruso, Lake Logan, Bethel and Canton areas of the county from the remnants of Tropical Storm Fred.  It seems the storm caused a literal cloudburst in the Cold Mountain, Shining Rock areas which ran downstream and caused severe damage along the forks of the Pigeon River.  Six residents lost their lives, many lost their homes and cars.  Structural damage to roads and bridges was severe.  The flooding actually damaged many homes and structures not typically associated with being in a flood-prone area.

So many volunteers have come forward to help donating their time, labor, and money.  Many churches and community service organizations have gone above and beyond to help.  Our own Canopy Realtors® Association and our Canopy MLS have jointly donated $400,000 for flood relief helping those in need.

It has been amazing to see everyone come together to help those in need.  We truly live in an area of not just natural beauty, but of beautiful people also.