Home Sales Prices Remain Strong

Here in Haywood County, according to the best information I can glean, home sales prices remain very strong.  Our average sales price (comparing August 2017 with August 2018) has increased 12.7 percent.  This brings the average price of all homes sold through our multiple listing service in Haywood County to $216,328, up from $191,890 a year ago.  In September 2018 the number of homes sold actually dropped from 116 in September 2017 to 92 in September 2018.  This decrease was not due to fewer buyers, but to a tightening inventory of homes for sale.  This is a particular problem in the lower price ranges, up to $300,000.  In some lower price ranges, buyers are finding it a challenge to find the home they want due to a shrinking inventory of homes for sale.

Tomorrow, we are beginning October.  Traditionally we have a fairly large influx of buyers in October and early November, due to vacationers coming to these gorgeous mountains to see the leaves change color.  This influx of buyers will undoubtedly cause our inventory of available homes for sale to shrink again.  Also, the price of homes should continue to rise, particularly in the lower price ranges.

We have had an abundance of rain this year and there are lots of leaves on the trees.  Hopefully this will be another gorgeous year for leaf looking.  Come on up to the mountains and enjoy nature’s leaf show this October.  The leaves will begin changing color in early October at the highest elevations, with color descending the mountains into the valleys around October 20th to the 25th.  Keep in mind the leaf predictions are my opinions based on past year observations.  (My predictions are deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.)