Hurricane Florence Missed Us!

Although Hurricane Florence did an untold amount of damage in Eastern North Carolina, and in Coastal South Carolina, we missed the brunt of the storm here in the Central Mountains of North Carolina.  At my home we had about 3.5 inches of steady rain from very early Sunday morning through Sunday evening.  Although winds were forecast to be about 30 mph here, we had almost no wind.  I am very thankful for being spared from this storm,  but feeling much sorrow for those down east who lost their homes, and in some cases their lives to the storm.  As flood waters continue to rise from river flooding,  many residents face a lot of demolition and rebuilding of their homes.  Thank goodness for the National Flood Insurance program.  I certainly hope that all homeowners who lost homes to the flood waters had this insurance in effect, although I know that many did not.  The National Flood Insurance Program provides affordable insurance to property owners, renters, and businesses.  They also encourage communities to adopt and enforce floodplain management regulations.  These efforts mitigate the effects of flooding on new and improved structures.  Many homeowners don’t realize that their homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage.  The only way to cover flood damage is through the National Flood Insurance Program.

Wherever you are, I hope that you make it safely through this hurricane season and you and your families remain “high and dry”.