Irma Only Brought Rain to Haywood County NC

Our hearts go out to all the residents of the Houston, Texas area, and those in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina who were affected by the recent hurricanes.  I cannot imagine how one would feel who lost everything in a flood or hurricane.  I do hope that everyone affected by these storms had flood insurance and will eventually get back to normal.  Many of you took refuge in our area during the storm, and some are still here.  Again, we do feel your pain.

We had almost no wind at our house, and about 3.5 inches of rain.  It has been a bit dry lately, so the rain is much appreciated.

I look forward to seeing some of you next month for our Fall color season.  I think our colors are going to be superior this year.  (unfortunately, no guarantees on the color)   If you come up for the color season, stop by the office and say “Hello”!