Paul’s New Speed Record and Improvements at Cataloochee

As many of you may know, Paul Heathman has a modified BMW that he runs in track nights and autocross.  He is very proud of a new speed record he set at Charlotte Motor Speedway.  He had an unbelievable average lap speed of just over 200 mph.  Paul had recently modified his BMW by adding a new supercharger.  He credits the new supercharger with the large increase in speed his beloved BMW has experienced.  Unfortunately he could not afford a top notch supercharger, so he opted for a new budget model that operates off a hand crank.  Paul must now steer with his left hand while cranking hard with his right hand.  Paul tells me that he is sure he can add another 10 mph of speed if he visits the gym more often and develops the muscles in this right arm.


On another note, Cataloochee Ski Area announced today that they will be the first ski area in the eastern USA to install cooling tubes under their ski slopes.  With the addition of the cooling tubes, Cataloochee believes they will be able to stay open year around for skiing.


One more item: I hope you all have a wonderful April, and happy April Fools Day.