Realtors® Donate $400,000 for Flood Relief

The Board of Directors of Canopy Realtor® Association and Canopy MLS voted to donate a total of $400,000 in funds to support Haywood County flood relief efforts.  ($200,000 from Canopy Realtor® Association and $200,000 from Canopy MLS)  As many of you know, residents in the south end of Haywood County (Cruso, Bethel, and Lake Logan areas) were hard hit by the flooding from Tropical Storm Fred.

In making the donation announcement, David Kennedy, Canopy Realtor® Association/ Canopy MLS president said “We care deeply about the people and communities that we serve and now, more than ever, our neighbors who have lost their homes and so much more need our assistance.”

Seventy-five percent, amounting to $300,000 in funding, will go to the United Way of Haywood County, and twenty-five percent, amounting to $100,000, will be donated to Mountain Projects, for a total of $400,000.

Celesa Willet, executive director of United Way of Haywood County said “We sincerely appreciate this generous donation.  This gift will meet the immediate need to help people get back into their homes.  This will help with 20 houses.  When you get a call like that, it really hits you.  The fact they have confidence in United Way to make it work is very humbling.  We’re here for the long haul.”

We have experienced many gifts coming into the county to help our flood victims.  Plus many hours of volunteer help cleaning debris and feeding those who were flooded.  Thank you one and all for the generous donations of money, food, cleaning items and time donated.  It was truly amazing to see everyone come together to help.  We live in a wonderful area of beautiful scenery and beautiful people.