Update on Fall Leaf Color in Maggie Valley

In previous posts I had guessed that we would be around full Fall color around the 20th of October.  Well…. I was wrong.  I don’t know if it has been the extremely warm Fall we have had so far (mid to high 80’s the first week of October), but the leaves seem to be hanging in there as green for the most part.  This may be the latest Fall color I have ever seen.  I am looking out the window of the office right now, and all I see on the mountains across the way are green leaves.  It would appear now that full color here in Maggie Valley will be delayed to late October, if not early November.

We took a brief ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  There is some color at the highest elevations, but not much yet.  So, come on up to Maggie Valley later this month to get that Fall feeling in your bones.  The weatherman said we are going to have one morning this week with temps dropping into the 30’s, and next Sunday, the 21st, he is predicting a high in the 50’s for Asheville.  Hopefully with those cooler temps the leaves will get on the program and start changing!