Is One Picture Worth a Thousand Words?

Recently I have had more than one buyer of a property tell me ” I saw those pictures on the listing and I just fell in love.”  It’s very common for home buyers to express this emotion.  Most buyers are not very logical when making a home buying decision.  In fact, they tend to be very emotional.  As one buyer expressed it “This house just sang to me!”

Most buyers today shop for their homes on the internet.   Many buyers have narrowed the search to two or three homes before they contact a Realtor to set up showings.  So based on most buyers looking at the internet to begin their home search, what is the most important marketing tool for a seller when marketing their home?  Pictures of course!  If pictures look dark and dreary, your home looks dark and dreary to a prospective buyer.  Our MLS now permits up to 36 pictures with each listing, and a virtual tour also.  Here at Mountain Dreams Realty, we do professional photos on every listing, and virtual tours on most listings.  Our photographer uses state of the art cameras and wide-angle lenses to make each room of your home look its absolute best.  Our virtual tours are downloaded to and other sites so prospective buyers can see photos in full-screen width, as opposed to small photos.  Our listing photos are distributed by our MLS to over 900 real estate websites, giving your home the widest possible exposure to buyers.

So, you decide.  If one picture is worth a thousand words, how much are 36 pictures and a virtual tour worth in the age of internet shopping?